Party DJ in Kent


All of our setups listed below are designed specifically for different types of venue and budget. They can

also be customised to your liking, giving you complete freedom when selecting your DJ in Kent.

Take a look at our options available to you below.

DJW DISCOS have various affordable options for your birthday, christening, student event, prom and anything in between.


Our focal setup is ideal for any standard party. Designed to focus in on the key elements for a successful party with a stripped back design to maximise on quality 


Suitable for most small to medium venues.


The Focal setup is one of our most popular options for a DJ in Kent. This setup consists of 2 speakers and 4 lights.


Want a great light show and great  

sound quality guaranteed to impress?

 Well the powerful package is for you!


The Powerful setup is one of our most popular options for a DJ in Kent. This setup consists of 4 speakers and 9 lights.

Suitable for most small to large venues.



Are you looking for the ultimate night club experience?

 Well the Mighty package is definitely the option for you!

Turn your chosen venue into your favourite hotspot, with a dance floor filled with your VIP guest list and the songs chosen by you. 


This setup consists of 4 speakers and 14 lights. Suitable for most Medium to large venues.




Add any of these extras for that extra special touch to your event


Add our confetti cannons to make your party go off with a bang.

Dance on the stars with a sparkly dance floor.

Capture unforgettable memories with our Selfiebox.

Splash some colour onto your venue with Uplighting.

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